Hi! We’re Dezainn.

We’re here to make your renovation journey personalised, quick and hassle-free.

What We Offer

Efficient Backend Solutions

End to End Solution

Innovative Technology

Quality Assurance

Connecting Parties

Increasing the confidence of property owners by making renovations enjoyable and reliable.
To leverage on technology as a foundation, improving the performance of the industry.
Promoting a knowledge-sharing culture within the company that encourages growth.
Encouraging an enabling community within our team, stakeholders, partners, and clients.

Our Values

Position Driven

Positivity brings happiness. Workplace is like our second home, together we build a happy workplace where everyone would love spending their time at.


Every of us is customer service officer; be in internally or externally. This is because we know that by picking up the responsibility to serve a better long term relationship would bring us more success in the future.

Respectful & Loving

We understand the power of love as well as being respectful. Every individual deserves fair respect regardless of one's job title or experiences. We sincerely treat everyone equally and count in every single contribution.


Success comes from every single effort, be it small or big; negligible or imperative. We practise gratitude in our daily routine and we savour the beneifts developed from it.

Sharing is Caring

We share our knowledge, skills, experiences, mistakes, as well as happiness together. Through sharing, it deepens our experiences and broadens others' exposures. Together, we learn and grow.


We hold on our integrity in building long term relationship with our parners, teammates, as well as property owners. Integrity builds trust and trust bring people together.

Self Improvement

We adopt rapid growth behaviors in our organization. To achieve this we encourage everyone to keep learning and be better. Being better than yourself without comparing with other people is the essential core of self-development.

Value Added

In every interaction, we make sure to deliver values. We also aim to maximise values in every of our initiatives.

Be Bold

We envision the future with more interesting and advanced technologies in improving our industry as well as human's overall well-being. Every effort that we are putting is incorporated with bold vision in order to achieve more technologies advocated industry.

Be Different

Every of us have the freedom to be different. We welcome extraordinary ideas and we value creativity. With such freedom, inspirations flow through and we tend to solve problem in a different approach.



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