What is Dezainn?

Dezainn is a premium interior design platform that matches property owners with professionals across the industry to provide a personalized and visualized solution in transforming space.

What makes Dezainn different?

We have a Style Quiz to assist you in finding your design style and we will match you with the right designers who are experienced in designing your preferred style and better equipped to meet your needs.

How do I get started?

The sign-up process is easy! You can choose to sign up via Facebook or Google or simply by filling in your Name, Email, and Dezainn Password here.

How does Dezainn work?

Firstly, you could take part in the Style Quiz to find your design style. After browsing the list of curated designers, you could request free consultations from the designers by clicking “Consultation”.

Communicating actively with your designers will help you to make better decisions on which designer to work with. Shopping for furniture / accessories with recommendations provided by your designers will ensure that you are purchasing the right items that matches with the design concept.

What is Style Quiz?

Our Style Quiz is a free questionnaire that will help you to reveal your unique style and find the right interior designer. Defining your style type puts you in a better position to begin the renovation process.

Do I absolutely have to take the Style Quiz?

No, it is not compulsory. However, it is advisable to take the Quiz, as it helps you to find the right designers who is experienced in designing your preferred style.

Seeking for Interior Designers

Who are the ‘Interior Designers’?

Our list of  interior designers and architects belong to trusted and registered firms.

We have reviewed their experience, company credentials, background, awards, accreditation and portfolios beforehand, thus you will be selecting from only the best interior designers around the country.

I have no idea which ID firms to proceed with?

Just click the “Free Consultation” Button on the menu and we will subsequently match you with designers that have met the criteria you have filled up via the request form.

How long will I have to wait for a reply from these Professionals?

Once your request has been sent, you will receive a reply within 2 working days. If you have yet to receive any reply from our Professionals, you can directly contact us via live chat or email at hello@dezainn.com

Why should I use Dezainn as a medium to contact the Professional that I am interested in?

Apart from providing you with many premium interior design Professionals on one platform, you could choose the number of designers you would like to get consultation from and Dezainn helps to match with the right designers and streamline the process of obtaining free consultations.

How do I request for a particular Interior Designer?

Feel free to look through our ‘Interior Designers’ page. You’ll be able to click “Consultation” directly on each profile, and request free consultations with the designer of your choice.

How do I search for specific interior designer?

Dezainn provides a search tab at the top of the ‘Interior Designers’ page, allowing you to type in keywords or names to locate what you are looking for.

If you’re still unable to find what you are looking for, you can always contact us via email hello@dezainn.com.

Will I interact with my interior designer during the design process?

Absolutely! We strongly recommend you to interact with your interior designer throughout the entire process.

We encourage effective and abundant communications between you and your designers – establishing a good working relationship with your designers is very beneficial towards your project.

Seeking for Consultation

How do I request for free consultations?

Visit “Interior Designers” Page, browse through the portfolio of designers and click “Consultation” on the right box.

What if I am undecided about the style and theme of my space?

You can take part our Style Quiz and we will match the right interior designers for your selection. By communicating with interior designers we’ve matched, you will definitely be able to find your ideal style for your space.

What does the Request Form involve?

Request Form is where your selected interior designers know you and your requirements better, and devise a personalised design proposal for your area.

You can indicate your property details, project details and requirements. You could also upload your floor plan for your designers to know you better.

You just need to fill up the form and submit it only once; we will help to relay the Request Form to the designers you’ve selected or to the designers we’ve matched for you.

I would like to change the details on the design brief I had filled, is this possible?

Yes, you can do so by clicking “Contact us” page or via email hello@dezainn.com.


Will the information I provide to Dezainn be safely protected?

Yes! We guarantee that your personal information is safe with us. Dezainn is committed to comply with the PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act).

You can read through our privacy policy here to know more.

My question wasn't answered. Who can I contact?

You can do so by clicking “Contact us” page or via email hello@dezainn.com

Where do I manage my account?

In the upper right-hand corner, you will find your profile. From there you can manage:
• Your Favourite Interior Designers.
• Your Profile – Update your contact information, email preferences and edit password.

I forgot/want to change my login password. What should I do?

There are three ways you can request for a new password:
• Click the “Forgot Password” link on the log-in screen
• Visit your Account Page and click “Change Password” under “My profile”.
• Request a new password by emailing hello@dezainn.com.



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